Basic Shuttles

ShuttleOrder No.:Price per piece:
Basic; BeechWS 11€ 6,-
Basic; Beech
1 cutout to the side
WS 12€ 7,-
Basic; MapleWS 13€ 7,-
Basic; Maple
1 cutout to the side
WS 14€ 8,-
Length ca. ca.160 mm (sideway cutout ca. 190mm) - w
Width ca. 35 mm.
Length can be varied if requested.
Children's size; BeechWS 15€ 5,-
Length ca. 100-120 mm - Width ca. 30 mm

Simple basic shuttles for tablet-weaving as well as for incle-weaving and other bandweavers’s techniques.
The edges are slightly rounded.

Handmade by myself; oiled (if you prefer to oil yourself with your favourite oil, please tell me).