Weaving-Tablets With 5 Holes

Square tablets with holes placed in the corners and one additional hole in the middle.

Beech, 3 layers = ca. 1mm

English Tablets 5 Holes

Size:Art. No.:Price p. 5 PiecesPrice p. 10 Pieces
5 cm / ca. 1.97 inWB 11€ 12,-€ 22,-
6 cm / ca. 2.36 inWB 12€ 13,-€ 23,-
It is possible to get the tablets stained to a rich brown and oiled.
Stained tablets will have a little rougher surface; even with the oil, but are still fine even for weaving with silk.
Stained tablets are special models ( = no withdrawal)
€ 4,- / 10 pieces + € 2 per order.
Preparing and cleaning the tools and workplace are always the same effort of time; that is what the € 2,- are for.

A standard type of weaving-tablet.
Most weavers I know are very pleased with the cheaper 4-holed tablets and never need the fifth hole; only some of them ever did a pattern with an additional thread in the middle.
Some use this hole simply to put something through to fix the tablets’ position during breaks or transport – but this can be done other ways, too

Other sizes are possible (special models = no withdrawal).
If requested I can stain the tablets to a darker wood-colour.
This will cause a little extra cost depending on the number of stained tablets.
Stained tablets are treated as special models ( = no withdrawal).

(For details about material und manufacturing please read the page “tablets”; the informations are common for all my tablets).